Getting Started in Zettagrid, Account Creation

Ok, you’ve made the decision to use Zettagrid that’s great! Now how do we get the ball rolling.

Whether you are a new partner or a direct customer the initial steps are the same.

Lets go through the boring stuff in this post. Subsequent posts we will go through all the fun stuff deploying the different products.

Step 1

Head to

Zettagrid Account CreationClick on the ‘Create Account’ link.

Step 2

Enter in your company, name and contact phone number. This will be handy for those times you need support and we require verification.Zettagrid Account Creation

Step 3

Provide an email address or distribution list. We will send invoices and information about products you create. These are things such as getting started guides.Zettagrid Account Creation

Step 4

Provide an address. Our fraud checker will check this so make it a valid one.Zettagrid Account Creation

Step 5

Enter in a password and security question and answer. One that you can remember will be handy.Zettagrid Account Creation

Step 6

Enter in your partner code if you have one. This will ensure that any services you provision get the relevant partner discounts.Zettagrid Account Creation

Step 7

Agree to the terms and conditions. Give them a good read here when you get a chance.Zettagrid Account Creation

Zettagrid Next Steps

Ok that was the tedious part done.

In posts over the coming days and weeks I will cover all the Zettagrid products. This will include the creation and management of;

  • Virtual Data Centre (VDC)
  • Virtual Private Server (VPS)
  • Image Archive
  • Veeam Cloud Connect
  • Veeam Cloud Connect Replication
  • SecondSite
  • Licensing
  • NSX Edge
  • vShield Edge
  • VAST Object Storage
  • AnyCast Global Loadbalancer

Stay tuned…


Luke Brown

Author: Luke Brown

Luke Brown is an Advisory Systems Engineer at Dell EMC. He is passionate about all things tech and loves a good debate.

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